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Overdimensional Shipping Solutions


Project Cargo : Overdimensional Shipping Solutions

Sometimes cargo is just too big – such as a large piece of machinery – to fit in a container. This is called over dimensional or project cargo  and Unifreight can help.

Since project cargo involves unique cargo, each detail must be addressed. Is the cargo able to be loaded on special equipment like a flatrack, or must it ship on a break bulk or ro-ro vessel.  Are permits and projectlabel_imgescorts in place to truck the cargo to port for loading?  Is the cargo properly packaged? Unifreight will source packaging to make sure that the cargo is crated properly to withstand the rigors of an ocean voyage.

Over dimensional cargo does not fit into a standard container-sized space on a ship. As such, we would reserve special space on the ship and negotiate a rate for this. In addition, special care must be taken block and brace the shipment for transport.

After arrival in port, overdimensional cargo must be shipped to the destination. However, if it is too wide for a freight train, it must be sent by truck. Unifreight will help to obtain wide-load permits and escort vehicles, if required.

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