Ocean Freight

Full Container Load Shipping Solution


Ocean Freight : Full Container Load Shipping Solution

Ocean freight is the transfer and shipment of cargo by ship, usually in 20 or 40 foot standardized containers to provide secure and cost-effective transport. If necessary, cargo can be consolidated with other shipments to make a full container.

Unifreight can often accommodoceanfreight_imgate specialized shipping requests. We have educated, trained personnel to manage the safe transport of hazardous materials, as well as project cargo of various types, such as over-dimensional machinery.

We provide support services such as packing, document preparation, and advice regarding customs and insurance.

Pickup and delivery can be arranged. As well, Unifreight has a weekly consolidated shipment from Italy directly to Toronto. We have a reliable and trusted network of Canadian and international agents available to manage shipments to and from a number of countries.

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