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Unifreight's Import Process

Unifreight's Export Process


Proper documentation is essential for the safe, secure transport of cargo. Unifreight provides a range of documentation services, including:

  • Bill of lading: This document issued by the air/ocean carrier which details a shipment and gives title of that img_rightshipment to a specified party. Errors in this essential document can result in delays in the release of the shipment as well as additional costs.
  • Letters of credit: This is a document issued by a bank guaranteeing that the seller will be paid in full for the shipment provided certain conditions are met. Letters of credit can be useful when the buyer and seller do not have an existing business relationship. At Unifreight, we will review letters of credit, suggest amendments and prepare all necessary documents required.
  • Certificate of origin: This verifies that goods are produced in a certain country. This is important to ensure that the shipment receives the appropriate tax and duty treatment.

Customs Clearance

In addition to the logistical services of air or ocean freight forwarding, Unifreight offers a number of   related services, including local pickup and delivery of both import and export shipments, and documentation services.

Although we are not a customs broker, we can assist with the paperwork required for customs clearance, and if necessary, provide a short list of vetted customs brokers.

Unifreight works with customers to submit the necessary documents to customs officials, both in Canada and abroad. We can verify that the bill of lading, commercial invoice, packing invoice, and any certificates required by local customs authorities are correctly filled out and presented for processing. Errors in documentation can result in delays that can impact the timely delivery of cargo. If there are problems related to documentation, Unifreight will resolve them, often with the assistance of our local on-the-ground agents.