Dangerous Goods

Shipping of Hazardous Cargo


Dangerous Goods Shipping of Hazardous Cargo

To ensure public and employee safety, the shipping of dangerous goods is dealt with exclusively by experts trained in the handling of hazardous cargo. At Unifreight, we have employees who are fully trained and certified in this important area.

Dangerous goods can incl20917600-sign-container-ship-with-toxic-waste (1)ude explosives, flammable products and chemicals. All cargo is assessed and shipped in accordance with International and National Regulations.

Given the potential risks to human life and property, the shipping of dangerous goods is carefully regulated by the International Maritime Organization and the International Air Transport Association. There are specific rules for shipping documents, labeling and packaging. For example, dangerous goods packaging must be strong enough to withstand the rigors of transportation as outlined by UN guidelines. At Unifreight, we understand the risks an incident could pose to public safety and the potential negative publicity that could result. We have the expertise to make sure that any dangerous goods arrive safely.

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