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Consolidated Freight : LCL Shipping Solution

Consolidated shipping refers to the ocean freight shipping practice of combining, at the point of shipment origin, several individual cargo consignments to make a full container load. This allows smaller consignments to be shipped as containerized cargo, which offers greater security at lower shipping rates. At the port of destination, the consolidated shipment is separated into the original consignments for pickup or delivery.

Unifreight will help to ensure proper consolidated_imgpackaging of goods, including hazardous materials and project cargo, in accordance with industry guidelines. For all shipments, we will provide required documentation such as a bill of lading, commercial invoice, proof of insurance and embassy or customs certificates. As well, although not a customs broker, we are aware of and can advise on customs clearance requirements. We will find appropriate space on reliable carriers, and the cargo will be tracked during all phases of the shipment. Flexible coordination with on-the-ground carriers can be arranged.

Unifreight maintains a weekly schedule of consolidated ocean and air shipments between Canada and Italy. As well, we can set up consolidated shipments to other countries.

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